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Job's Information

Basic Employer's Information
Employer's ID  HEN002
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Type  Public  College
City  Xinxiang Henan       
Job name   English teacher
Qualification Certificate   have
Basic Qualifications for Application
Gender  Both
Vacancy  2
 Bachelor or higher
Specialty  Unrequired
Work Experience
Nationality  Native English speaker,such as British, Canadian, Australian,American, New Zealander and European
Other Statements
Contract Terms
Salary   5000 - 5500 RMB/M
Time to teach
 6 or 10 months
Start Date   Full
Finish Date
Period/week  14-16 Period/W
 Writing,Listening,Oral English,American and British Literature
Students' age  18 - 23 years old
Paid Holiday
1 Month/Year
Apartment  free apartment,2 bedroom and living room with central heating,air-condition,refrigeratory,washing machine, computer and so on.
International Airfare  Roundtrip Medical Allowance  70% paid by the school
Telephone Allowance  RMB60/M Travel Allowance  RMB2200/Y RMB/Year
Other Allowance

Free car around 200 K.M.
All the fee about water, power, Internet paid by school
Private Apartment Computer Office Internet Private Bedroom TV Private Kitchen Air Conditioning/ Heating Private Bathroom Phone Furniture Water Washing Machine Electricity Refrigerator

Sample Contract
View Contract:   Sample Contract
Contact Information
Contact Person  Angelina's ESL Cafe
 Foreign Affairs Office
Tel No.  +8610-51663658
Fax No.
Brief Introduction about Employer

A Brief Introcduction to the This College


   This College is one key college supported by the Ministry of Education. Its graduates are engaged in the work of mechanical sector, electronic sector and the whole society. It enrolls students from more than 26 provinces and autonomous regions across the country.
The college covers an area of 458mu (Chinese area unit). It plans to cover more than 1347mu with the building area of 196,000 squares meter. It owns 32,940,000 Yuan of teaching facilities. There is 724 working staff with high quality: among them 12 professors, 113 vice professors, 155 lectures. There are more than 7000 enrolled students. There are nine teaching departments including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Economic management Fundamental Subject, Social Science Sector, Adult Education Sector, and English Teaching Department. There are 28 majors that are Telecommunication Engineering, Microwave Technology, Industry Electric Automation Technology, Applied Electronic Technology, Computer Application and Maintenance, Digital Control Machine Tool Process Technology, Network Technology and Information Management, Computer and Information Management, Mechanic Production and Computer Technology, Dies Design and Production, Mechanic Production Process and Equipment, Environmental Engineering, Product Shaping Design, Industry Foreign Trade, and so on. The college has beautiful surroundings and modern teaching facilities. One with its unique feature, there are over 800 computers for teaching use, and over 40 laboratories with advanced equipment and practical bases, such as computer center, CAD center, electronic technology center, digital control center, electron practical base, comprehensive mechanic production and practical base, Dies Production laboratory, PLC laboratory, and mechanic and electronic laboratory. Among which PLC, CAD/CAM, the technology of quick laser molding network technology and some other laboratories are the first level in our province and even in our country.
In recent years, our college changes our trend to deepen reform and strengthen management, improve our quality and focus on high quality in accordance with general thinking of reform and development, and achievements have been praised by leaders at all level. Now all the teaching group and students are working at their best to make a great progress. You are warmly welcome to join us.

Information for Foreign Teachers

In Order to bring up more talents to adjust to the competition of market economy, This College, as an Engineer College set as a key model school by the National Education Department, decides to employ several mid-term teachers.

1. Treatment for work
(1) A salary of ¥2,500-¥4000 Yuan (RMB) per month with the return ticket free of charge.
(2) Provided with a flat (with kitchen, oven, bathroom, heating, furniture, washing machine, bedding, telephone, television set, refrigerator, tape recorder, air-conditioner, bicycle, electronic computer and so on). The expenses resulted from the uses of above will be deducted from party B’s salary. And charges for water and electricity are except.
(3) Pay additional traveling fees of¥ 2,500Yuan (RMB) per year.
(4) All the other fees are payer by the foreign teachers themselves.

  2. Requirements for work
(1) Work in our school for 1-3 years with 16-18 working hours per work.
(2) The courses taught are as follows: oral English, writing, English literature or all other kinds of courses such as mechanic and electric.

3. Application requirements
(1) The foreigners I native speakers having a diploma of at least bachelor
for linguistics, literature, mechanic, electric, etc.
(2) No requirements are set for age, sex and nationalities. Take priority consideration for those with more than one year's teaching experience.

Introduction to Xinxiang

   Xinxiang city, a land richly endowed by nature and a land propitious for giving birth of great men while great men lending glory to ,It is one of the important economic, cultural and traffic centers of Henan Province.
Xinxiang lies in the north of Henan Province, between 113°23ˊ to 114°59ˊ east longitude, 34°53ˊ to 35°50ˊnorth latitude, at the foot of the Taihang Mountains and adjacent to Anyang City (once capital of Ancient Shang Dynasty around 1,500 to 1,066 B.C., where there is famous Red Flag Canal) in the north; facing the Yellow River, looking at Kaifeng City (once the capital of seven dynasties, Xiangguo Temple and Longing there are world well known) and Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan province, across the river in the south; joining Jiaozuo City, with a highway passing by Luoyang City (once the capital of thirteen dynasties, and Longmen Grotto, one of the three greatest treasures of stone inscription as well as White Horse Temple, the first temple built since the introduction of Buddhism into China are there).
Xinxiang has a very long history. It is one of the birthplaces of Chinese ancient culture, where two famous ancient dynasties were born: by the well-known “Muye Battle” the King of Zhou Dynasty defeated the army of Shang Dynasty. The last King of Shang had no way out but burned himself at Lutai. The Shang Dynasty died and Zhou Dynasty was born. By a successful mutiny at Chenqiao Zhao Kuangyin became the first Emperor of Song Dynasty, which lasted 300 years. There are not only the relics of Yangshao Culture and Longshan Culture of the New Stone Age but also the historical epitome of the development of contemporary China. Spots of historical ruins and relics are still clearly seen, becoming cultural sights for people to visit.
Bigan Temple is the tomb of Bigan (1092-1029 B.C.), the ancestor of the Lin’s family of the world who was a loyal senior official of Shang Dynasty.
Luwangfen is the tomb of King Lujian and his concubine. King Lujian was the only blood brother of Emperor Shenzong with reign title wanli of the Ming Dynasty. The tomb was completed in 1,615 with a total area of about 150,000 square meters. The configuration and magnificence could be said to be another Mausoleum Ding, which is one of the tombs of 13 Ming Emperors.
Baiquan (one Hundred Springs) Scenery Zone, first built in Zhou Dynasty (1066-771 B.C.), is the largest and best-protected garden constructions where left a lot of tablets with carved inscriptions and writings or paintings of many historical cultural persons such as Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty, Yue Fei, Zhao Kuangyin, Dong Qichang, Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, Zheng Banqiao, etc.
In Xinxiang, you can enjoy many kinds of delicious and traditional Chinese delicacies like chafing dish, Niu Zhongxi Tortilla, Xinxiang Roasted Chicken, Peking Roasted Duck, etc.
People here are friendly and polite. Make your decision quickly, you will be glad to come here and join us!

Sample Contract

Ⅰ. Party A wishes to engage Party B  as a foreign teacher. The two parties, in the spirit of friendly cooperation and full consultation, agree to sign this contract and pledge to conscientiously fulfill all the obligations stipulated as follows.

Ⅱ. The period of employment will be from __to ___
Ⅲ. The duties of Party B are as following:
1.      Five work days per week, 18 hours of teaching per week (including two hours for teachers) plus two or three hours to attend the English Corner (the students’ oral English practice).
3.      Party B is expected to teach and arrange tests or exams according to the teaching plans, syllabus and schedule of the college.
4.      Party B is expected to present a teaching plan at the beginning of each term and a summary of the work at the end of it to the English Department and a summary of the year’s work and experience to the Foreign Affairs Office and the English Department.
Ⅳ. Party A’s Obligations:
1.      Party A shall introduce to Party B the laws, decrees and relevant regulations concerning the administration of foreign teachers.
2.      Party A shall conduct the direction, supervision and evaluation of Party B’s work.
3.     Party A shall pay Party B’s salary regularly by month.
Ⅴ. Party A’s duties:
1.      Party A shall pay for Party B’s round-trip entry air ticket .
2.      Party A shall pay for Party B’s traveling expenses from Beijing to Party A’s place, including Party B’s baggage charge up to a maximum of 24kg.
3.      At the end of service, Party A shall pay for Party B’s traveling expenses from Party A’s place to Beijing or, if both parties agree, the nearest port of exit.
4.      Party A shall pay for Party B’s monthly salary of 3500RMB (10 months each year).
5. Party A shall pay for Party B annual travel allowance of 2200RMB totally by two separate times, ( half year a time).
6. Party A shall provide Party B with a flat (with kitchen, oven, bathroom, heating, furniture, washing machine, bedding, telephone, television set, refrigerator, tape recorder, air-conditioner, bicycle, electronic computer, the installation of network and so on). The expenses resulted from above uses of this item will be deducted from Party B’s salary. And the charges for water, electricity , cable television service and the network service(60RMB) are excluded。
7.      Party A shall provide Party B with all the official documents necessary for Party B to live and work in China, including residence card or temporary residence card, work card and Foreign Expert card.
8.     Party A shall provide Party B medical care in school clinic and several informed hospitals, and 70% of the expenses will be paid off by party A. Expenses in other hospitals shall be paid by Party A and Part B 50% respectively. If Party B decides to go to the hospitals outside the school (including the informed and the non-informed hospitals), Party B should get the permission of Part A first for trans-hospital formality.
9.       Party A shall provide Party B with free cars necessary for work within 200 km, and help arrange cars for private affairs. In the latter case, the expenses shall be paid by Party B.
10. Before Party B leaves singly, Party A shall explain clearly to Party B how to deal with the possible emergencies in the course of tour.
Ⅵ. Party B’s obligations:
1.      Party B shall observe the laws, decrees, and relevant regulations made by the Chinese government, respecting the habits and customs of Chinese nationalities and not interfering China’s internal affairs.
2.      Party B shall observe Party A’s work system and regulations concerning the administration of foreign teachers and shall accept Party A’s arrangement, direction, supervision and evaluation in regard to his/her work. Without Party A’s consent, Party B shall not render service elsewhere or hold concurrently any post unrelated to the work of Party A.
3.      Party B shall complete the task agreed on the schedule and guarantee the quality of his/her work. Party B should not change the teaching schedule. If necessary, it should be approved by the dean of the English Department.
4.      If Party B asks for a leave and obtains Party A’s consent, a deduction in salary (each being of the monthly salary) shall be made according to the number of days in the month when Party B is absent. During each academic year’s period of contract, Party B shall not ask for a leave for more than 10 days and he/she shall not ask for 3 days at one time. If Party B is absent from his/her post without any Party A’s consent, a deduction of 3 days’ salary will be made for each day when Party B is absent. Party B will also be given an official warning.
5.      Party B is expected to attend all academic staff meetings of the department in which he/she works. Party B is expected to take part in the extracurricular activities. Likewise, in order to promote mutual understanding and friendship, Party B is encouraged to foster contact with the teachers and students.
6.      Party B shall mail his/her parcels himself/herself. If Party B cannot, Party A may help get it done, and all the cost will be paid by Party B. When Party B wants to get to other places, Party A can help purchase tickets and Party B shall bear all the cost.
7.      When Party B needs an interpreter for tours during festivals or vacations, please contact Party A. Generally, Party B is expected to pay for the transportation board and lodging expenses of the interpreters.
8.      Party B shall respect China’s religious policy, and shall not conduct religious activities incompatible with the status of a foreign teacher.
9. Party B shall cover his/her insurance (including his/her own assets, Medicare, personal safety, etc.) by himself/herself, and Party A shall help Party B with the procedure.
Ⅶ. Revision, Cancellation, and Termination of the Contract.
1. Both parties should abide the contract and should refrain from revising, canceling or terminating the contract without mutual consent.
2. The contract can be revised, cancelled or terminated with mutual consent. Before both parties have reached an agreement, the contract should be strictly observed.
3.        Party A has the right to cancel the contract with a written notice to Party B under the following conditions:
(1)    Party B does not fulfill the contract or does not fulfill the contract obligations according to the terms stipulated and has failed to amend after party A has pointed it out.
(2)    According to a doctor’s diagnosis, Party B cannot resume normal work after a continued 30-day’s sick leave.
4.Party B has the right to cancel the contract with a written notice to Party A under the following conditions:
(1)   Party A has not provided Party B with necessary working and living conditions as stipulated in the contract.
(2)   Party A has not paid Party B as stipulated.
Ⅷ. Breach Penalty:
    When either of the two parties fails to fulfill the contract, it must pay a breach penalty of 500 to 2000 U.S. dollars (or the equal value in RMB). If Party B wishes to cancel the contract owing to events beyond control, he/she should produce valid documents from the department concerned to obtain Party A’s consent and should pay his/her own return expenses; if Party A cancels the contact without valid reason, it should pay Party B’s return expenses and the breach penalty.
双方任何一方未能履行合同时,必须支付500~2000美元的违约金(或相当价值的人民币)。乙方如果由于无法改变的原因要求终止本合同时,应 提供有关部门的有效证明来获得甲方的同意,并自己支付其返程费用;如果甲方没有有效的原因而取消合同,应向乙方支付违约金和返程费用。
Ⅸ. This contract takes effect on the date signed by both parties and will automatically expire when the contract ends. If either of the two parties asks for a new contract, it should forward its request to the other party 90 days prior to the expiration of the contract, and sign the new contract with mutual consent.
The two parties shall consult with each other and mediate any disputes, which may arise about the contract. If all attempts to agree fail, the two parties can appeal to the organization of arbitration for foreign expert affairs in the State Bureau of Foreign Expert and ask for a final arbitration.
The contract is signed at Xinxiang, China on     (month)/ (day)/     (year), in the Chinese and English languages, both texts being equally authentic.
本合同于            日签订于中国新乡,每份用中文和英文写成,两种文本具有同等法律效应。
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