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开始谈话 Conversation Starters  
Q: You’re welcome to China. I hope you’re enjoying your stay here.  
A: Thank you. I really am enjoying myself here.  
Q: Where are you from?  
A: I’m from America.  
Q: How long have you been in China?  
A: Only a few days.  
Only a couple of days.  
I just got here yesterday.  

Q: How long are you planning to stay?  
A: Two weeks.  
Until the trade fair is over.  
Q: Could you answer a question for me? Forget it if the question bothers you.  
A: Go ahead. I don’t mind.  
Ask me anything. I’m not that sensitive.  
Q: Are you here on business or for pleasure?  
A: I’m here on vacation. It has always been my dream to come to China.  
I’m here on business. I come to China regularly. Actually, I have a factory here.  
关于他们的国家 About Their Own Country  
Q: Tell me something about your country.  
A: America is a big and exciting country. You should come and see it for yourself someday.  
Q: What is your hometown known (famous) for?  
A: My hometown is well-known for oranges.  
My hometown hosted the Olympics last year.  
Q: What’s America famous for?  
A: America is famous for its freedom.  
America is famous for its big companies.  
Q: What do people think of China in your country?  
A: George Bush thinks that China is our competitor, Bill Clinton thinks that China is our strategic partner. Most Americans agree with Mr. Clinton.  
关于他们国家的人民About the People in Their Country  
Q: What do people my age love to do the most in your country?  
A: They love to have fun. They love to have parties and spend time with their friends.  
Q: How are the people in your country different from the people in China?  
A: The people here care about their families more than people in my country do.  
Q: What’s the population of your city/country?  
(你所在的城市 / 国家的人口是多少?)  
谈论中国 Talk About China  

Q: What do people like to talk about in your country?  
A: People in Beijing enjoy talking about politics. People in Guangzhou enjoy talking about eating, business and making money. People in Hunan enjoy talking about all the great leaders they’ve produced! People in Shanghai enjoy taking about going abroad and marrying foreigners. Li Yang enjoys talking about his dreams. Kim enjoys talking about how happy she is teaching in China. Lots of foreign friends enjoy talking about opportunities in China and how fast China is developing. We enjoy talking about how to build our future!  
关于个人 About Themselves  
Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?  
A: I play golf, go to the movies and travel.  
Q: Are you married?  
A: No, I’m single.  
Q: What do you do for a living?  
A: I work in the stock market.  
I’m a computer salesman.  
Q: Why did you come to China?  
A: I always wanted to see the Great Wall.  
Q: What are you good at (doing)?  
A: I’m a great cook.  
Q: What do you enjoy doing most?  
A: Teaching English and meeting new people.  
Q: What’s your dream?  
A: To retire and travel around the world.  
Q: What’s your goal in life?  
A: To become a millionaire before I am 30.  
Q: Do you play any musical instruments?  
A: I play guitar.  
Q: What sports do you like?  
A: All kinds of sports. But I like golf the best.  
Q: What’s your opinion on money? / What are your thoughts on money?  
A: Money is great. Money makes the world go around.  
(钱是个好东西。钱使世界运转 / 有钱能使鬼推磨。)  
【Kim’s Note】This question is acceptable and people will be glad to give an answer. However, it is not acceptable to ask someone what their salary is or how much money they make!  

About China, Chinese Culture, and Chinese People  
Q: What was your first impression of China?  
A: I was so amazed by the population. There are so many people everywhere.  

Q: What do you like best about China?  
A: The hospitality of Chinese people.  
Q: What do you dislike most about China?  
A: The pollution.  
Q: What do you find interesting about the life in China?  
A: There are so many people and so many differences from western culture.  
Q: What cities have you been to? / Where have you been?  
A: I’ve been to Beijing and Shanghai. They are very impressive.  
Q: Where would you like to go?  
A: I’d like to go to Xi’an and Guilin.  
Q: What is your favorite place in China?  
A: I have two favorite places in China. Sanya and Shanghai. Sanya in Hainan is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Shanghai is a very energetic and exciting city.  

Q: What would you like to buy and take back from China?  
A: China is so famous for its silk. I’d like to buy some for my mother.  
Q: Do you think it’s difficult to make friends with Chinese people?  
A: No. I think it’s very easy. Chinese people are very kind and friendly.  
Q: Do you think Chinese people are less sensitive than the people in your country?  
A: Yes. Chinese people are very tolerant.  
Q: What makes you feel embarrassed in China?  
A: I don’t like being stared at. It makes me uncomfortable.  
Q: What are your suggestions regarding the development of China?  
A: Learn lessons from western countries and protect the environment.

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