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"I got my job through Angelina's ESL Cafe, after dozens of my apprehensive questions calmly answered by phone and daily online chats (How many recruiters will just chat with you online?) I arrived to find the situation far better than described to me, and an excellent FAO and English department, who accept my input, classroom decisions, and offer help whenever needed. A few months after I arrived, 2 representatives from Angelina's visited our school, bearing small gifts for the teachers they recruited. We would have gone for dinner as well if I didn't have class. Even now, I can and still do sometimes chat with the recruiter. My school has been on their website for over 3 years, with virtually the same information. I found no reason not to accept 1 year ago, and I see no reason why someone would not accept the position now. There is no "desperate need" at this campus. They, like me, are just keeping their eyes open."

"Your website is a very professional one with all necessary information about China and the opportunities for working as an English teacher. I have worked in the past 25 years as an English teacher all over the world.This is an amazing and very professional information website."


All advice given by a CEO when being interviewed by the journalist of Public Radio International

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Sir or Madam:

  Welcome to those of you interested in living in China, a country with more than 5000 years of recorded history and civilization.

  Since China's entry into the WTO and successful bid for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games,more and more Chinese are eager to learn English and other foreign languages. As a result, foreign teachers are increasingly in demand.However, some unscrupulous schools and recruiting agencies have caused problems for foreign teachers, placing them in illegal situations and destroying trust between foreign teachers and Chinese schools. We believe that establishing a comprehensive, insured and reliable placement service is immediately necessary!

Beijing Angelina Company (legally registered) has devoted itself for the past two years to assisting both foreign teachers and Chinese schools and is well-known throughout China for its thorough and reputable service.
We will offer you the following services:

 1. Matching you with the most recent, legal teaching positions in China.

 2. Helping you understand the contract with your assigned school BEFORE you come to China. The contract is, of course, identical to the one to which the Chinese employer agrees .

 3. If Beijing,Shanghai or Guangzhou is your port of entry, we will receive you and arrange train/plane reservations to your place of employment. Accomodations at your place of employment will be arranged.Domestic (inside China) train/plane tickets will be paid for by the assigned school.

 4.Our services are all FREE to you.

  We will conscientiously supply you with true information and the best service.

  Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.Please contact us before you decide to experience the rich Chinese culture.We will guarantee our promise and hope to win your trust and maintain our good name by offering you the most reliable service.


Team of Angelina's ESL Cafe-Foreign Affair Office

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