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TEFL in China Certificate Training Program,
with Job Placement

This intensive training program will prepare you as a native speaker of English to be qualified to teach oral English in China, even without previous teaching experience.

Dates, Location and Fees:
Tuition: £¤4000. RMB(not including accommodation)
Date: August 20-27, 2006
Location: in Beijing at the Friendship Hotel, No. 1 South Zhongguangcun Street

Date: August 20-27, 2006
Location: in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province (between Guangzhou and Macau)
Date: August 20-27,2006
Location: in Changchun, Jilin Province
Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
Natural Approach, "Total Physical Response"
Fluency vs. Accuracy in Speaking / Treatment of Error
Teaching Listening
Cooperative Learning Techniques
Evaluation, Monitoring and Assessment
Using Technology in Teaching Oral / Aural Skills
The Role of Culture in Language Learning
Successful Lesson Planning
Classroom Management in China
Chinese regulations & policies related to foreign teachers in China
Introduction to Chinese culture & customs for new teachers

Course materials:
Course textbook
Timetable: 9:00-noon and 1:30-3:30 daily
Assessment: Group projects in which participants develop lesson plans based on the approaches and methods discussed in class and then present the lesson to the class; microteaching of a mini-lesson by each participant; final examination
Trainers and Trainees:
Lead trainers:
Dr. Emily Thrush, Ph.D., Professor of English, University of Memphis, USA
Robert Wyss, M.A. in TEFL, USA and Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Trevor Herndon, M.A. in TEFL, USA and Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai
Assistant trainers:
Dr. De-an Wu Swihart, Ph.D., Director, Center for Teaching & Learning in China
Ms. Dawn Byers, M.A., On-Site Coordinator, Shenzhen English Teaching Program
Must be native speakers of English
You will earn a TEFL in China Certificate awarded by the Center for Teaching & Learning in China (approved by College of Teachers, Institute of Education, University of London) jointly with the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP), which is an affiliate of the national China Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Center for Education Development which is an affiliate of the national Ministry of Education,
Beijing: Friendship Hotel, Apartment, 100Y/person/night, two people share one room
Zhongshan: to be announced
Changchun: to be announced

Job placement service:
Together with the course you will receive individualized job placement assistance from / China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP), which is an affiliate of the State Administration of the Foreign Experts Affairs.
Apply now:
Registration: Please fill out the form and send it back to us via email or fax
Tel: 010-51663658
Fax: 010-51184585/86/87
2006 Intensive TEFL Training Program (Beijing)
Registration Form
Full Name:
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Native Language:
Telephone Number:
Current Employer in China:

Your student age and English level:

What courses you are teaching or expect to teach:

What textbooks are you using or expect to use:
Do you need us to find you a job when you finish the training:
Any problems you concern
regarding our training
Please send your resume as an attached file of this registration to us, thank you!

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