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Job Opportunities
English as a Second Language(ESL) in China
  There are some positions, Teaching English as a Second Language in China, opening each year for native speakers of English at the MiQuan No.1 Middle school, Urumqi City, Xinjiang Province, P. R. China.

The brief introduction of MiQuan No.1 Middle school

The Panorama of The MiQuan No.1 Middle School

  The MiQuan No.1middle school was beginning constructed at sep,1957.It was the national full-time public high school and was apart from the Urumqi town center 8 kilometers.The transportation is extremely convenient. In 1962,it was awarded by he national Ministry of Education for the key middle school and the teaching demonstrating type middle school. Now it faces the entire Xinjiang for high school recruitment of students system. The area is 230,000 square meters, dividing into two branches. At present the school total number of people is about 6,400 people, senior1with30classes, senior2with28classes, senior3with26classes.The students who live in are 5,800.It is the apartment management, each student's dormitory 6 people.

Special-purpose Pronunciation Room

  In campus constructionscale of run a school, The management of educational and teaching, moral work, logistic service all get the fast development. Enjoying a reputation carried inside and outside of the boundary. The incumbent headmaster of Miquan First Middle School- teacher Shao XiaoLin, worked in Miquan First Middle School in 1972, choosen as one of the 50 outstanding headmasters in the whole country gloriously by the country in 1998 C 2002 and chosen as the one of outstanding headmasters of Xinjiang " top ten " by the autonomy district government at the same time.enjoy one grade of title and subsidy of national expert. Meanwhile, he is a deputy of Miquan to the National People's Congress and educational association's president of Miquan.

 The educational science institute of Tsing-Hua University teaches on the experiment and scientific research base

   The school covers an area of 101267 square meters; The construction area of school building is 40854. 48 square meters; Green coverage is 23999. 93 square meters, with coverage rate is 27%. The aim that our school imparts knowledge and educate people is  ̄foundation to be realistic ̄ and open up and educate people. Students of our school repeatly obtain the good result under this flag .In 2000-2003 years , obtain 135 persons of national first prize ,second prize 328 person, third-class award 263 person; Obtain 170 persons of district level first prize of autonomy, second prize is 333 persons. All of these have laid a solid foundation in order to establish the first-class famous school. ?br>   70,000 volumes of collected books in our school libraries and reading rooms, subscription of 187 kinds of magazines and 38 kinds of newspapers.The reading room can hold 150 people to read at the same time.

Kitchen Appliance

  Sport activity place is 39353. 65 square meters. There is a stadium with the standard 400 meters of track and field, setting up the stand can hold 5000 people , 16 standard basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts, a jointly organize natatorium (50 meters of standard lanes).There are table tennis activity places of 1300 square meters indoor , with 30 pairs of standard table tennis tables. We also have outdoor table tennis table 36 pairs besides.The school have a physique room with 375 square meters and manymusic apparatus; Special-purpose fine arts 2 classrooms and many fine arts apparatus.Having one Teacher electron prepare lesson room and one special-purpose pronunciation room.

Bright Classroom

  There is access with 2 trillion in the teaching building of high school in 2004, setting up 38 information points.Our school joins the national educational website's system in April of 2004, becoming the systematic of national education anddemonstration unit. The information construction of the campus will enter new stage.
  The rising rate was more than 98% directly in college entrance examination in 2003. Have sent many groups of outstanding talents for the university and local economic cultural construction.
  Successively chosen as
  "National masses' educational advanced unit "
  "National teenagers' sports has some happy departments "
  " Demonstration pilot project that the national basic education has an examination "
  " The teaching research of the innovative writing and school on the experiment base "
  " District level ordinary first class school of senior high "
  "Basic education demonstration school in the state "
  Have already become now:

Bright Classroom

  " The scientific research of normal university of Xinjiang and practice base "
  "The educational science institute of Tsing-Hua University teaches on the experiment and   scientific research base "
  School base on with modern society basic dynamic demand for development of quality in people, person who compound skill require, pluralistic direction of demand of value develop!

  Contract Terms:
  Time to teach: Sep,2007- July,2008
  Location:Urumqi City, Xinjiang Province
  Students: Senior students or junior students
  Period/week: 16-18 (Hours)
  Salary: 4000 RMB/M
  Airfare: Roundtrip
  Teacher or Expert: Teacher
  Apartment: apartment with two bedrooms
  Other allowance: two months paid holiday, RMB2200 travel bonus in XinJiang per a cademic year

The Foreign Teachers

The Foreign Teachers¨ apartment

  Qualifications for Foreign Teachers:
  Gender: Male,Female
  Degree: at least bachelor
  Work Experience: Over one year
  Nationality: American,Canadian,British and New Zealander, Australia

  Contact Info.
  Contact: Mr. JunChen
  Tel: +8610-51663658
  Fax: +8610-51663658

  If you are interested, you could also send your resume,copies of degrees, passport and general photos to

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