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Job Opportunities
English as a Second Language(ESL) in China
   There are some positions, Teaching English as a Second Language in China, opening each year for native speakers of English at North China Institute of Science & TechnologySanhe,Langfang City,Hebei Province, P. R. China.


Introduction Of
North China Institute of Science &Technology

  I. Attribution of NCIST
  North China Institute of Science & Technology (NCIST) was founded in 1984, and is now sponsored by the State Administration of Work Safety. In 1997, NCIST became one of the key institutes of higher learning with the approval of the State Education Commission. Its development goal is to build NCIST into a modern comprehensive institute of higher learning in China. On March 18 2002, the institute was approved to offer four-year degree courses. NCIST is authorized to recruit both foreign teachers and foreign students and is well known for its dedication to internationalization.
  II. Location, Transportation and Communication
  Located in east Beijing, Yan Jiao Economic and Technological Development Zone is 30 km east of Ti¨an-Men Square and 24 km south-east of Beijing International Airport. The No. 930 bus provides convenient transportation between Beijing and Yan Jiao. It takes only 40 minutes from Yan Jiao to downtown Beijing by bus, and no more than 30 minutes by car. NCIST is located in Yan Jiao, with clean air and convenient transportation .
  The zone¨s postal and telecommunication systems are based within the Beijing system, through which you can get information quickly and smoothly.
  III.The NCIST Scale
  NCIST covers an area of 54hectares with a total floor space of over 300 and educational equipment worth over 40 million RMB. Its library has a collection of over 360,000 volumes. In addition to enough space for teaching and experiments, there are multi-media classrooms, a closed-circuit television teaching system, a foreign language launching stand and six multi-media language labs within campus. NCIST has CAI classrooms, CAD classrooms and a campus computer network and a Chinese Academic Journal in compact disc.
  NCIST has a total of 608 faculty members, with 159 professors and associate professors. The student enrollment is around 8800. A new modern classroom building with a floor space of 26 and a corresponding building for a students¨ hostel are available.
  NCIST comprises of the following departments: Safety and Environment Engineering, Mechanical and Electric Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Economy and Trade, Humanities and Social Science, Computer Science and Foreign Languages Department. It also has higher post-training and educational training section.
  IV. Campus Environment
  The beautiful landscape and quiet environment make the institute an elegant garden designed by Beijing Forestry University. NCIST in 1998 had the honor to win the title of ^ One of the Nation¨s 400 Excellent Units of Forestation ̄ and a ^Civilized Unit among State Organs ̄ and an ^ Advanced Unit of Guarding Safety.
  V. Living Facilities
  NCIST has a well-equipped guesthouse with over 180 beds and apartments and suites for foreign experts. Domestic and overseas experts praise the warm and attentive service. In addition, NCIST has established many entertainment and physical facilities including a multi-function dancing hall, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, and a hard rubberized court and a large playground with a bleacher of 5000 seats.
  VI. International Cooperation
  NCIST has been drawing the greatest attention to the international exchanges and cooperation esp. in the educational training field. It has three state-level training centres: The first is National Safety Training Center supported by the United Nations Development and Planning Agency who invested $ 1.22 million dollars. Over 40 staff has been sent abroad for study and visits, and over 30 foreign experts were invited to give lectures. It established cooperative relations with relevant agents in the US, the UK, Russia, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Poland and India. The second one is the Sino-Australian Management Training Centre in cooperation with the Australian government, which invested 9.4 million Australian dollars in the program. 53 faculty members visited or were trained in Australia. 8 of them attained MBA degree. 28 Australian experts were involved in the program. The third one is the Chinese Information Center of Vocational Safety and Health supervised by International Labor Organization, which collects and analyses relevant information at home and abroad and for decision-making.
  The institute has established joint venture programs with Capilano College of Canada, Western Institute of Technology of New Zealand and Kyongbuk College of Science of Korea. It also has ^Certificate for Inviting Foreign Experts  ̄ and ^Certificate for Taking in Foreign Students ̄. This year we invited 6 foreign teachers from Australia, America and Canada and recruited 101 students from Vietnam and Korea who are learning Chinese here.
Welcome to North China Institute of Science and Technology!


Welcome to Teach at NCIST
Requirements and Offers for Foreign Teachers

  Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other
  Education: bachelor degree or above
  Contract time: at least one semester
  Teaching Courses: conversation, video, reading and writing
  Workload: 16 hours/ week
  Monthly salary (RMB): 3,500!4,500 RMB
  International Airfare (RMB): 5,000 per year
  Travel allowance (RMB) : 2,200 per year on completion of the contract
  Monthly telephone allowance (RMB) : 60 RMB
  Medical Care: buy 100,000 RMB life insurance and 400,000RMB medical insurance.
  Free boarding: a furnished apartment including a bedroom, a living room, a washroom , a kitchen and a big front balcony with air-conditioning, color TV, DVD, tape recorder, refrigerator, hot water shower, basic cooking utensilstelephone and a computer with internet access.
  Place of Boarding: on campus
  Meal: cooking utensils provided. Free lunch ( 5RMB provided per lunch)

  Contact Info.
  Contact: Ms.Abbey(Liu Hui)
      (Program Manager of International Cooperative Center)
  Tel: +8610-61593175
  Fax: +8610-61597963




  If you are interested, you could also send your resume,copies of degrees, passport and general photos to


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