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English as a Second Language(ESL) in China
  There are some positions, Teaching English as a Second Language in China, opening each year for native speakers of English at the Baotou Teachers' College, Baotou City , Inner Mongolia, P. R. China.

Brief Introduction to Baotou Teachers' College

Baotou Teachers' College is located in the city of Baotou, known as a city of rare earth and a beautiful steel city in the grassland. It is a college of higher education, serving the purposes of cultivating full-time students to obtain a bachelor's degree or a three-year diploma. Advanced vocational education and further education are also found here.

  The college comprises 14 departments, among which the major of politics and special history are authorized to award master¨s degree. 57 major fields of study are authorized to grant bachelor's degree and three-year diplomas. These fields are Chinese, History, English, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Science, Geography Science,Physical Education, Arts Education, Chinese Literature Education,Politics Education, History Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Primary Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education ,Biology Education, Biology Technology, Geography Education, Arts Design,Computer Science and Technology,Education Techonology,Resource Environment and City Plan Management, Dancing, Applied Psychology, City Culture and Society Administration, Music Education,Law, Electronic Technology, Applied Computer and Applied English. At the moment, there are 10102 full time students and 3388 are adult students and 5 graduate students. The entire staff of the college numbers 980, among which 257 teachers have been awarded senior academic or professional rank. There are six foreign teachers from U.S.A and Holand. 30 Respected professors are invited both from home and abroad to the college for lectures and programs.

  The college functions at a higher academic research level with outstanding results. In the recent years, it has completed 5 national research projects and 2 teaching reform projects supported by a World Bank Loan. 182 research projects have been honoured by the provincial government, and 13 hold national patents. The college has complied 160 different course books and translations, and published 1700 theses.
  The college has garden campuses, covering a total area of 525 acres, and its buildings have a total area of 220,000 square meters. The library has a collection of 640,000 copies. The college has 45 labs with modern facilities for teaching and research work. Computer assisted teaching system, the audio visual system, the campus-wide computer net, 201 campus-wide telephone net service, and the cable TV system play a very important part in the campus. The teaching buildings, the lab buildings, the library building and the accommodation blocks combine humanity and their building styles harmoniously, creating a strong sense of a modern college with a local flavor.
  The college has tried to enhance the international academic exchange. Teachers from Canada, USA, UK, Newzealand and Japan have been invited to work in the college. 2 students from USA and 2 from Korea are now studying here. The college has established friendly links with universities of USA, Korea, Britain and New Zealand.

  The college is run with an open philosophy and flexible system.It dedicates itself to cultivate students with comprehensive skills and talents through quality and up-to-date education.

  With the philosophy of "Be practical-minded, doing solid work,putting pressure on ourselves and striving for the best", Baotou teachers' College will emancipate the mind, carry out the reform, keep abreast with the times and pioneer and bring forth new ideas to strengthen the college.

Address: No.3 of Kexue Street, Qingshan District, Baotou, Inner Mongolia



  If you are interested, you could also send your resume,copies of degrees, passport and general photos to E-mail:

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