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  Chinese course at the Juncheng School of Linguistics, Beijing City, P. R. China.

Juncheng School of Linguistics

A—Maizidian Campus

B--Beijing Zhan Campus

■ School Background

Beijing Juncheng School of Linguistics specializes in teaching the Chinese language and offers
professional training for students and individuals seeking an accession in the field of Chinese. The principal of the School is an active member of the International Committee for Education of the Chinese Language and the Chinese Foreign Language Association, Beijing District and has been involved with such organizations teaching Chinese for over 30 years. Presently, the students body consists of students from 27 different countries, many of which are renowned international entrepreneurs, representatives of various embassies, and their dependents .Maizidian School is located near the Yansha Embassy District,making it very accessible by any means of transportation. The district also radiates a feeling of elegance. The School offers a variety of classes which range from beginner courses to advanced courses. The teachers are very experienced and flexible, catering to each of the respected student's needs, thus, enabling students to master and utilize the language in everyday Chinese society.


Teaching Curriculum
Learning Emphasis
Teaching Objective
Chinese Course Square One Course A Class :
B Class :
《汉语口语速成- 入门篇 ( 上》
Strengthening Chinese listening and speaking comprehension Mastery of proper pronunciation, mastery of 500 characters, and ability to have simple conversations in Chinese Mon. – Fri. 9:00~12:00 am /1:00~4:00 pm
Beginner's Course A Class
: 《路(下)》
B Class
: 《汉语口语速成- 入门篇 ( 下 ) 》
Basic Chinese listening and speaking comprehension Mastery of 1000 characters
Standard Intermediate Course 《发展汉语- 初级汉语口语 ( 上 \ 下 ) 》

Glossary, Grammar, listening and speaking comprehension Mastery of 1500 characters,200 sentence structures, and verses
Intermediate Course 《发展汉语– 中级汉语口语 ( 上 \ 下 ) 》 Social usage of the Chinese language(speaking and listening) Mastery of 2000-2500 characters, ability to read long length essays, understanding of Chinese culture
Advanced Course 《汉语口语习惯用语教程》 Advanced usage of spoken Chinese, Chinese Culture Mastery of 2500 characters, ability to master spoken Chinese, ability to carry on long conversations in Chinese Tue.,Thu. 10:00~12:00
Mon.,Wed.,Fri. 10:00~12:00
HSK Course 《 HSK 8 级精解》
《 HSK 速成强化教程》
HSK ( grammar 、 reading comprehension 、 listening ability 、 integration 、 essay ) ,Increased level of tutoring prior to HSK Increased tutoring to help students absorb more, aid students in passing HSK Mon.,Wed.,Fri. 13:15~15:15
Tue.,Thu. 13:15~15:15
Youth Chinese Beginner Course (Ages6-10) 《汉语语音导入》
Kindergarten, usage of pictures and objects to facilitate obtaining basic ability of listening and speaking Ability to participate in everyday conversation, usage of proper etiquette when need something Wed.,Fri. 15 : 30-17 : 00
Intermediate Course (Ages11-16) 《快乐汉语》 Introductory Chinese, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Ability to use proper grammar, ability to converse easily in Chinese Mon.,Thu. 15 : 30-17 : 00
Students Studying Abroad Course 《汉语教程》
Listening, Speaking, Reading ,Writing Cultivating student's listening and reading comprehension, aid student to pass HSK First Semester Sep.-Jan Second Mar.-Jul


▲ One-Time Registration Fee

▲ Private Classes(One-to-one)

▲ Visa Services : For our students we can assist with the application and extension of F 、 L 、 X, and Z

(foreign experts only) visas.

▲ Accommodation : Student dormitory, home stay with Chinese family, apartment rental

■ Miss Brenda Liu

Tel: 400-100-3658
    (working time AM8:30-PM5:00)


Maizidian Campus

Add: Inside Zaoying Middle School
(Zaoying Nanli NO.1, atthe west of Chaoyang Park )

Jianguomen Campus

Add : East Road of Beijing Railway Station

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