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English as a Second Language(ESL) in China
  There are some positions, Teaching English as a Second Language in China, opening each year for native speakers of English at the Information Economy of Chang chun Taxation College, Changchun City , Jilin Province, P. R. China.


Airscape of the campus

the second acdamic Building is about to complete and live with 10000 square meters

I. Attribution of IECCTC
  Information Economy of Chang chun Taxation College was founded in 2000, and became one of the independent institutes of higher learning with the approval of the State Education Commission in 2004. It¨s a finance and economics common college.It¨s primary subjects are ecnomics and prinsiples of management with law,literature,science,engineering and so on.IECCTC is authorized to get some foreigners to act as the English teachers and is ranked 100 positions ahead of all the independent institutes in China.

the second students student apartments is about to complete and live with 20000 square meters

for the third student apartments is about to complete and live with 13,000 square meters

II. Location, Transportation and Communication
  Located in the scenic Jing Yue Tan Tourist & Economic Development Zone, and about 60 km of new Chang Chun International Airport. The No. 120 bus provides convenient transportation between school and the downtown. It takes about 50 minutes from school to downtown by bus, and no more than 30 minutes by car.
  The zone¨s postal and telecommunication systems are based within the Chang Chun system, through which you can get information quickly, expediently and smoothly.

Foreign Experts' apartment

Knowledge ocean-library

  IECCTC covers an area of 500 square kilometers, with a total floor space of over230 .The total property is over 3.2 hundred millions RMB and the educational equipment worth over 120 million RMB. Its library has a collection of over 185,000 volumes. In addition to enough space for teaching and experiments, there are multi-media classrooms, a closed-circuit television teaching system, eleven multi-media language labs within campus. IECCTC has eight computer labs, and a campus computer network
  IECCTC has a total of 323 faculty members, with 95 professors and 122 associate professors. The student enrollment is more then 8000.
  IECCTC comprises of the following majors.: Accounting,Finance, International Economy and Trade, Marketing, Industry and Business Management, Information Management and the Information System, English, Law, Calculator Science and Technology,E-commerce, Finance Management, Insurance, Statistics, Human Resource Management, International M-Business, AUDIT, Logistics majors and so on.

the first Students canteen

Experimental Building with advanced facilities for students to practice

IV. Campus Environment
  IECCTC is located in Tourist & Economic Development Zone, with fresh air, peaceful surroundings and safe life. There are many trees, flowers and a small lake in the campus.
  The beautiful landscape and quiet environment make the institute an elegant garden.

Living Building(Buisiness Building)

Bright and spacious first students apartments with 30,000 square meters

V. Living Facilities
  IECCTC has some well-equipped and about 60 sq. m apartments for foreign experts.There is FAO with a computer and a printer for foreigner¨s service.

Welcome to Teach at IECCTC

office buildings under snow

The first academic buildings nearby the lake

Requirements and Offers for Foreign Teachers
  Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other countries whose native language is English.
  Education: bachelor degree or above
  Contract time: at least one year  
  Teaching Courses: conversation, reading and writing
  Workload: 20 hours/ week
  Monthly salary (RMB): 3,200!5,800 RMB
  Free boarding: a furnished apartment including two bedrooms, a living room, a washroom and a kitchen with heater, color TV, writing desk,microwave oven, refrigerator, hot water shower, basic cooking utensilstelephone and internet access.
  Place of Boarding: on campus
  Meal: cooking utensils provided. 100RMB provided per month for lunch

Contact Info.
  Tel: +8610-51663658
  Fax: +8610-51663658

  If you are interested, you could also send your resume,copies of degrees, passport and general photos to E-mail:

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