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English as a Second Language(ESL) in China
¡¡There are some positions, Teaching English as a Second Language in China, opening each year for native speakers of English at the Tiantong American English Education Group, Shenyang, Liaoning, P. R. China.

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Profile of Tiantong Group

¡ô Introduction

Tiantong American English Education Group, a formal education unit approved by the Department of Education, is established in July 2004, dedicated to provide qualified and diversified education products for Chinese people to promote the internationalization of domestic education industry.

"Tiantong American English" is a group holding children educational institution. In the past few years
it has rapidly established 15 domestic branches, providing professional teaching services of high quality for more than 10,000 members. Currently there are more than 1,000 school staffs and more than 20,000 students. In 2008 the group is appraised as "The most potential Chinese brand of education" in the industry because of the rapid development trend.

Tiantong American English with its advanced teaching methods and outstanding teaching achievements has aroused widespread concern in the students and parents, dedicated professional teachers team is highly appreciated and confirmed by the parents and obtains very good reputation of the community. Whether for the scale, environmental settings, classrooms, teachers or teaching force, it can be regarded as first-class children English education institution, each branch has a use area of over 1000 square meters, more than 10 classrooms and teaching synchronous video monitoring system facilitated firstly in local area (also the only one), which is convenient for parents to understand children's class status without affecting children's learning.

¡ô Exclusive Teaching Materials and Teaching Qualification

Teaching materials used by Tiantong is "Tiantong ¨C Vkids American English" with the exclusive copyright of Tiantong American English, exclusively sold in the market for 3 to 16-year-old children. The main courses include infant and children American English classes, AP classes for children and youngster, dual-track classes for children and youngster.

At present, Tiantong is the only American English teaching school with an all-round teaching qualification for infant, children and youngster in Shenyang .

¡ô International Leading Teaching Methods

Tiantong American English School has always been committed to study and research on international advanced teaching theory and methods for children English, and often invited domestic and foreign education experts and experienced teachers to do training for teachers of Tiantong. In the support of international education theory, combined with our well-designed courses, it has reached complete English education goals.

Mainly teaching theories such as:

1. Visual-hearing-somatosensory interactive teaching methods: Meet the students of different strengths to achieve the objective of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

2. Story scene theory: Put the grammar in a certain communicative scene, supported by lively and interesting stories explanation of the grammar, making memory deeply rooted in the brain to redouble the effectiveness of learning.

3. Overlapping spiral teaching method: Through proper organized, step by step, and overlapping spiral teaching to ensure that the language ability of students continues to improve at each level.

4. Direct-mother-tongue teaching method: In particular, inside the curriculum of ¡°Tiantong ¨C Vkids English", teachers will use direct-mother-tongue full American English teaching methods to train the
English thinking ability of students, and to ensure the listening and speaking abilities of students to improve rapidly.

5. Compromised education concept: The so-called "compromise" means "the use of the best part of existing theories". Because almost every teaching method has its strengths and weaknesses, so we can not only use a single method in teaching to implementing the entire teaching, but use the best part of each theory, so that teaching can achieve maximum results and students can learn the most solid and rich language in the limited time. Double-track classes teaching model is the best verification of this theory.

¡ô Professional Teacher Force Serves Professional Courses

Tiantong teachers are all full-time staff. Because they have great enthusiasm and vigor for their work, with a caring feelings to get along with children, they can always make the class lively and interesting, unique and of high quality. Teachers' dedicated working attitude makes parents moved, and Letters of Appreciation written by parents can be seen everywhere in the school. Our school often creates opportunities for teachers to exchange ideas with many senior teachers at home and abroad and from Taiwan , the teaching vision and philosophy can be the first class. In the annual teachers' competition organized by provincial and municipal Education committees, the teachers of our school have received the first prize of individuals and groups, of which, more than 25 senior teachers have received professional English teaching qualifications and training of Tsinghua University .

¡ô Scientific and Systematic Teaching Management

Teaching quality security system - teaching and research system, training system, curriculum support system, and teacher incentive system;

Teaching exchange system - teaching plan exchange, supervision exchange, special item exchange, overall lesson preparation exchange, and exchange of high-quality class competition;

Teaching evaluation system - trainee test system, teacher evaluation system, and teacher rating system;

Teaching service system - specialized customer service department, teaching video monitoring system, professional website, experts talk for members, and air english hotline.

¡ô Exclusive Introduction of Foreign Advanced Materials - "Tiantong ¨C Vkids English"

Nine characteristics of materials ensure that "double A + double I" learning results

1. Spiral-elevating edit method: Vocabulary and knowledge appears gradually from easy to hard by a circular mode.

2. Manual three-dimensional textbooks with fun activities: At present the only three-dimensional full

English textbooks make children love best.

3. Scenic story full English scheduling: Like a comic story book, interesting and useful.

4. Most complete arrangement of natural phonetics and the International Phonetic Alphabet achieves complementary advantages for children to grasp the entire voice and remember the words easily.

5. Potential development of multiple intelligences: The development of eight intelligences since childhood to make children clever and clever.

6. Edification of the knowledge of East and West: To understand social etiquette abroad and to learn local culture, such as the origin of Teacher's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and other festivals.

7. Quality education embedded in: The knowledge including "Family education, environmental awareness, humanistic care, the Internet¡­" is practical and fashionable.

8. Easy-to-hard progressive grammar training system: Many senior outstanding teachers with a number of years of teaching experience compile "Magic Book of Tiantong Grammar", based on the test results of students, teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

9. "Speech teaching materials": A small interactive voice pen solves the tutorship problems of parents.

¡ô Advanced Students Evaluation:

Typical exam database, small test before classes, month test, semester exam, and exercises explanation let children enhance their performance unknowingly, without exam pressure.

¡ô Learn to Show up:

The annual outdoor teaching, promotion ceremonies, carnival, and study tours increase children's interest in English and interpersonal intelligence, and make children to represent themselves with pleasure, to meet future competition.

¡ô Public Welfare of Tiantong:

Do education with love, do business with conscience, and bear responsibilities of corporate citizen.

Co-finance children with congenital heart disease with Shenyang Red Cross Society

Continue to help poor families

Positively contribute money and materials to Wenchuan children in earthquake-stricken region through Shenyang Red Cross Society

At present, in view of Tiantong's unique teaching method has attracted wide attention, Tiantong American English School is participating in the "11th Five-Year Topic" research of the State Education Commission,

and is to become the "The experiment base for research of the 11th Five-Year Topic".

Walk into Tiantong, your child will not turn back!

Honors: Vice Chairman Units of Private Education Association in 2007

Excellent Private Education Schools of Shenyang City

Advanced Units of Standardized Private Education of Shenyang

Integrity Liaoning - Integrity Demonstration Units

Integrity Units of Private Education of Changchun City

Outstanding Member Units of Changchun City

Changchun Sunshine Tiantong American English Training School is selected as "20 Best Private Educational Institutions" in the "Selection and Assessment of 20 Best Private Educational Institutions of Changchun"

Recruitment of Foreign Teachers

We have the ¡°Permit to Employ Foreign Experts¡± approved by the government.

Now, we select elites in the world to join Tiantong for a common growth and the same mission. If you're well prepared, we will give you a platform to develop Chinese children English education together.

Requirements :

1. College-level or above, English native speaker (prior to major of Children Education), foreign teachers and experts with children's English teaching experience and Qualification Certificate of Teacher;

2. Healthy, honest, friendly to China, love students, serious and responsible to work, dedicated workers who enjoy the process of teaching children English for the children and feel proud of the changes of children.

3. Applicants of Europe or the United States

Job Responsibilities:

1. To enhance the hearing and speaking, and English application abilities of students as the main teaching objectives;

2. Work and rest in accordance with the requirements of syllabus and calendar.

Have Classes on Saturday, Sunday and at 6pm ¨C 7pm from Monday to Friday;

Five working days per week, two days off per week, doing other works related to teaching without working days.

3. Arrange teaching for 15 to 20 class hours per week according to the curriculum plans of the school;

4. Do lesson preparation as required;

5. Full-time foreign teachers in line with the foreign teachers management system of the school.


Basic salary + Class Hour Payment (Basic salary of RMB 2,000 Yuan, RM B.2 months probation, 150 yuan/hour . Pass the probation, 200 yuan/hour .)


1. Insurance: Accidental injury insurance and medical treatment;

2. China statutory holidays, Christmas day off;

3. One-way ticket to home once a year;

4. Free accommodation;

5. Five days of paid annual leave by working for more than a year.

6 Available for "Certificates of Foreign Experts"

Contact information:

¡¡¡¡Ms. Susan
¡¡¡¡Tel: +8610-51663658
¡¡¡¡Address:No.182, Lingwen Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang City

If you are interested, you could also send your resume,copies of degrees, passport and general photos to E-mail:

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