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English as a Second Language(ESL) in China
¡¡There are some positions, Teaching English as a Second Language in China, opening each year for native speakers of English at the Wujiang Taihu International School, Wujiang City, Jiangsu, P. R. China.

Wujiang Taihu International School

About Taihu Great Learning Center:

Taihu Great Learning Centre has been master Nan's dream for many years. Construction was started six years ago in an area of about 200 acreage. The area is located about 110km south-east of Shanghi and on the shore of Taihu Lake about 70km south of Suzhou .

At the centre you can see wide open grassy areas, many sweet smelling fruit trees, peacocks, flocks of
ducks and the moonlight reflecting off Taihu Lake during the evening. Taihu Lake itself is 36000 hectares. There are three large buildings in Taihu Centre, the main one is the administration building and the others are for accommodation and an auditorium. The administration building includes an office, library and a lobby. The first floor of the accommodation building is the dining hall catering for about 100 people. The second and third floors are rooms similar in style to five star hotels. The first floor of the auditorium is used for lecturing. The second floor is a meditation hall large enough to accommodate 200 people. Conditions inside the hall (air, light, sound, temperature, etc) are strictly controlled. It is the first of its kind in the world. This building is a huge technological step forward for Chinese Zen culture.

Taihu Centre is run based on these four concepts:

•  Taihu Centre has contracts and cooperates with local and overseas universities and cultural groups.

•  Now they are contributing to the research and promotion of traditional Chinese culture. And they are focusing on promoting the importance of social and young children's education.

•  They approach the concepts with an open mind and use modern technology to understand the substance and essence of eastern and western cultural science and humanities to achieve mastery through comprehensive study of these subjects.

•  The most important thing in religion and culture is study and understanding so the centre doesn't hold any religious events.

Since July 2006 many events have been held at the centre and the centre is affiliated with six higher-level learning institutions.

•  The National Chinese People's University.

•  The French National Eastern Language and Culture College

•  The Chinese Science and Technological University

•  Fudun University (Confucian Cultural Research Centre)

•  ELIAS £¬ Emerging Leaders for Innovation Across Sectors

•  The American Management Association

Wujiang Taihu International School £º

Wujiang Taihu International School is a boarding school from K-9, located next to Tai Lake an hour drive from Suzhou. The campus is located in a quiet area with beautiful surroundings including a dormitory built with environmentally friendly materials. Students are free to learn and grow in this natural and comfortable environment. The main teaching techniques are based on a combination of European outdoor and experiential methods and the systems thinking approach from America, leading to more open-minded style of education. Wujiang Taihu International School also includes Master Nan's teaching concepts on humanities.

We believe the curriculum will be very beneficial to single children living in large cities.

Our Concept:

•  Combine traditional Chinese education with western experiential education.

•  Use knowledge gained through life science to practice the spirit of humanity.

Education Goal:

Program combine physical, mental and spiritual aspects to form a learning environment where we educate kids to be open minded, healthy, have good ethics and get a good academic education.

Program Specialties:

•  Teamwork: The participants will learn from experience to achieve their goals as a team as well as personal growth.

•  Learning by Doing £º Provide a healthy environment where students can learn about themselves and develop a strong character through their experiences.

(3) Focus on ethics education, human empathy, traditional culture & outdoor education.

(4) Kids develop foreign language abilities & develop a broader understanding of the global community.

Lesson Plans:

•  Healthy Living: Students will study simplified Chinese medical theory in order to eat healthy diets and lead healthy lives.

•  English Program: In cooperation with the education department of Columbia University a curriculum has been written to develop students' global understanding and awareness. It focuses on the humanitarian development of students.

•  Traditional Chinese and English reciting: Every student will learn to recite 10 Classic Chinese texts and 60 English analects.

Class Content:

•  Regular Classes: Traditional government subjects.

(2) Outdoor Education Class: Natural (plant, Animal), Environmental and Physical training classes.

(3) English Class: Reciting, Music and Conversational Classes.

(4) Culture Class: Traditional reciting and humanities.

(5) Spiritual Education: Meditation, Calligraphy and Etiquette.

(6) Extracurricular activities: We will work with international educational organizations to set up learning centers of different subjects and styles, so students are free to select open-style lessons.

(7) Special Activities: Once a week-Outdoor Program, Once a month-Combined Curriculum Class, Once a semester- 3 day Experiential Education Camp.

Curriculum Development Committee:

The members are from Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan and China. The director is Master Nan Huaijin.

Dormitory: K-G9

•  During the weekend or vacations students can choose to return home or remain at school.

•  We help students to learn how to complete daily chores independently.

•  We provide a safe and supportive environment for students to adjust to communal school living.

•  Students learn to take responsibility for themselves.

Student Recruitment:

Fall 2009 we open K-G4. Each year one more grade will be added. Currently we are accepting G1-G3 transfer students from other schools.

Positions Information £º

Employment Type £º Full Time

Contract Duration £º 10 month

Average Class Size £º 10~20 Student/Class

Responsibilities £º Planning and teaching classes and curriculum

Workload £º 20~25hours/week (45 minutes/lesson)

Students £º Primary school students from GradesK-4

Working place £º Su ¨C zhou , Wujiang City ( From Shanghai city about one hour)

Benefits £º

Monthly Salary at RMB £º 4000-6500 (according to your qualification)

•  Native English speaker who got the diploma certificate or Bachelor's will be paid RMB4,000.

•  Native English speaker who got the diploma certificate with the pertinent certificate such as ESOL,
CELTA, TESOL will be paid RMB5,500.

•  Native English speaker who got the Master's degree with the pertinent certificate such as ESOL, CELTA, TESOL will be paid RMB6,500. If the foreign teacher who got the Master's degree without the ESOL, CELTA, TESOL will be paid PM500 less than the certificate holders.

Travel Allowance £º 2,200 RMB for one year contract and 1,100 RMB for 6 month contract

Free Meals Provided £º 3 meals every day

Free Housing Provided Include £º On campus, Private bedroom, Internet access, Wash machine,

Refrigerator, Microwave oven

Health Insurance £º Same as the Chinese staff

Sponsor Z visa, Resident's Permit and Foreign Expert Status £º Yes

Requirements £º

Sex £º M/F

Age £º under 40

Address £º within China

Nationality £º USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

Degree £º BA or above

Teaching Experience £º At least 1 year teaching experience in or out of China

¡¡¡¡Contact information:

¡¡¡¡Mr. Adrian Brink
¡¡¡¡Post address: No.8, Yanhu Dong Road, Miaogang District, Qidu Town Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, China

If you are interested, you could also send your resume,copies of degrees, passport and general photos to E-mail:

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