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Step 1
Note: All the services mentioned above are Free of charge.

Please visit and get all our schools' info. at

Step 2

Choose 3-5 schools that interest you most and email us (Email: )your:
Rresume (Word format please);
Copies of degrees;(Jpg format please)
Copy of passport;(Jpg)
General photos;(Jpg);
Tel number;
Some other documents if you have.
Necessary documents can improve the chances of application.
please also let us know if you have any additional or particular terms to bargain with the schools.

Step 3

We will send all your documents and the terms you raised to the schools and inform you of the schools' decision ASAP.

Step 4

When you two sides meet the agreement on your coming,we will ask the school to fax you a signed contract for you to sign and then fax it back at +8610-5118 4585/86/87(24 hours);

Step 5

When receiving the fax with your signature,the school will post you all the necessary documents for you to process your work visa ;

To apply a Chinese visa ,you can go to the Chinese embassy or consulate nearest to you , process is as follows:

America :
New Zealand :

Step 6

Pick up Foreign Expert at the Capital Airport
Beijing, China

If you need come to Beijing,Shanghai or Guangzhou first and then transfer to the school,just let us know and we will meet you at the airport,help you book an air/train ticket to school and a hotel if necessary in advance.

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Note: All the services mentioned above are Free of charge.

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