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Job's Information

Basic Employer's Information
Employer's ID  HUN307
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Type  Public  University
City  Changsha Hunan       
Job name   English Teachers
Statement  Public Famous Military University
Qualification Certificate   have
Basic Qualifications for Application
Gender  Both
Vacancy  8
 Bachelor or Above(English\Eductation Major)
Specialty   TEFL, TESOL, CELTA
Work Experience
Nationality  American,Canadian,Australian,British New Zealander or uropean citizen commanding English like native English speakers
Other Statements
Contract Terms
Salary   6000 - 10000 RMB/M
Time to teach
 6 or 10 months
Start Date  Oct.2014
Finish Date
Period/week  18-20 Period/W
  Oral English to master or doctor majoring students
Students' age  22 - 40 years old
Paid Holiday
1 Month/Year
Apartment  apartment necessary furniture and facilities
International Airfare  Roundtrip Medical Allowance  Free medical treatment
Telephone Allowance  School only provide domestic phone call expenses Travel Allowance  2200 RMB/Year
Other Allowance

Salary for teachers:
Bacherlor's degree , RMB6000/month - RMB6500/M; 
Master's degree, RMB6500/M - RMB7500/M; 
Dotor's degree,RMB7500/M - RMB10000/M.
International Airfare: RMB8000-12000/Year

Sample Contract
View Contract:   Sample Contract
Contact Information
Contact Person  Angelina's ESL Cafe
 Foreign Affairs Office
Tel No.  +8610-51663658
Fax No.
Brief Introduction about Employer

A Brief Introcduction to the This Military University

This Military University is a comprehensive national key university under the dual supervision of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education, designated for Project 211 and Project 985, the two national plans for facilitating the development of Chinese higher education. This Military University was originally founded in 1953 as the Military Academy of Engineering in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province. In 1970 the Academy of Engineering moved southwards to Changsha and was renamed Changsha Institute of Technology. The Institute changed its name to This Military University in 1978. This Military University is located in the urban area of Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province in South-Central China, covering a total area of 373 hectares.

Over 50 years later, This Military University has developed into a comprehensive university of sciences, engineering, military science, management, economics, philosophy, literature, education, law, and history. The university consists of 10 colleges, under with there are over 40 departments, institutes and laborations, 4 national key laboratories and 1 key laboratory at the Ministry of Education level. This Military University plays a leading role in many subjects, nine of which are national key subjects. According to the National Subject Evaluation of the years 2002-2004 organized by the Ministry of Education, 5 subjects of This Military University entered the list of top 5 and its subject of Computer Science and Technology ranked first nationwide

Now, This Military University has over 2,000 faculty members, 300 of which are professors. There are over 17,000 fulltime students, among which 11,000 are undergraduates, 4,000 are master candidates, and 2,000 are doctoral candidates. This Military University offers 27 programs for undergraduates, 95 programs for master candidates and 51 programs for doctoral candidates. Moreover, 11 post-doctoral research facilities are authorized on campus

This Military University treasures international collaboration and cooperation. With strong commitment to internationalization, the university has academic ties with over 100 universities and research institutes from 40 countries and regions. It has signed formal collaboration agreements with more than 10 well-known universities. The univeristy invites hundreds of scholars with international fame to give lectures and academic seminars every year, and holds lagre-scale international academic conferences. The university annually sends out more than 300 teaching or research staff as short-term overseas visitors to study, to carry out joint research, or to pay academic visits.

Position: English Teacher
Vacancy: 16
Expected Arrival Dates: Feb. or Sep.
Minimum Requirements:
  1. Native English Speaker
  2. Healthy, with no diseases or mental problems;
  3. No criminal record;
  4. Teaching experience,;
  5. Bachelor degree or above;  (English\Eductation Major)
  6. TESOL or TEFL preferred;
  7. 25~60 years old;
  8. Professional.
Job Description:
  1. Courses: Spoken English, English Writing, English Reading, English Listening, English Literature and so on; 
  2. 12~18 teaching hours per week; 
  3. About 30~40 university students per class;
  4. At least one year contract.
Position: Math, physics, chemistry Teachers
Vacancy: 12
Expected Arrival Dates: Feb. or Sep.
Minimum Requirements::
  1. Native English speaker;
  2. Teaching experience;
  3.  Master degree or above;
  4. 30~60 years old;
  5. Professional;
5. Lecturers, Assistant Professors and Professors preferred.
Job Description:
  1. Courses: University Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Courses;
  2. 12~18 teaching hours per week;
  3. About 30~40 university students per class;
  4. At least one year contract.
  1. Monthly Salary:
    Bacherlor's degree , RMB5500/month - RMB6500/M; 
    Master's degree, RMB6500/M - RMB7500/M; 
    Dotor's degree,RMB7500/M - RMB10000/M.
  1. international air tickets;
  2. One furnished private flat and utilities provided;
  3. Public holidays and one-month annual vacation with pay.

Living at This University

Located on Campus One, conveniently close to the center of Changsha, the accommodation we provide for foreign teachers is spacious and fully furbished. Each foreign teacher is provided with a private apartment consisting of a living room, two double bedrooms, one bathroom with western-style toilet, one kitchen and two balconies.

Each apartment includes: furniture(sofa, chairs, tables, pillows and desks), two double beds with mattresses, bedding, a color TV, DVD player, refrigerator with freezer, three air conditioners(for the bedrooms and lounge), gas heater for water and cooking hob, microwave oven, sterilizer, water filter, kitchen utensils, a desktop PC with printer, internet access, and teaching equipment. A landline telephone with local, long-distance and overseas call services is also provided.

 Sample Contract  

(The appendix of the contract)
Ⅰ.Laws and Regulations
Foreign teachers should observe the laws and decrees of the Chinese government and the relevant rules and regulations of the locality and This Military University. In China, you must abide by the law, not endanger the country’s security, not harm the social public interests, and not disturb public order. You will be expected to respect the social and moral norms of China.
a.     Your residence permit must be handed in for checking to the local police station at the appointed time each year. If it is necessary, you may be instructed to hand it in to the entry department at special times.
b.     If you leave Changsha city where you are living, you should report to the Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) of This Military University in advance, and you should not forget to carry your passport and residence permit with you.
c.      If you plan to live at any Chinese resident’s home in town, you or the Chinese resident should declare to the local police station with your passport, certificates, and residence booklet of the resident to fill in the temporary accommodation form within 24 hours. If residing in the countryside, you should declare your residence to the local sub-police station within 72 hours after arrival.
d.     If you leave the country at the expiration of the contract and do not desire to return to China, you should hand in your residence permit to the frontier inspection station and cancel the permit
1. Your teaching activities are jointly administered by the Educational Administrative section, the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) and FAO —these three sections will arrange your teaching schedule, manage your teaching and evaluate your performance from time to time. The evaluation is mainly based on the feedbacks of the expert panel members and students. You are asked to follow the Teaching Syllabus, assessment criterion, and the teaching schedule, and to be punctual for class. Being late for class, being absent for class and dismissing the class ahead of the scheduled time will be unacceptable. The Expert Panel is authorized to audit your class and evaluate your performance.
2. After getting your teaching schedule, you should make a teaching plan during the first week according to the training goal for students and related demands and show the plan to DFL and FAO during the second week of teaching.
3. The Chinese government adheres to a policy of freedom of religious belief and respect for one's personal belief. Foreign teachers at This Military University are not permitted to distribute religious books or articles, to proselytize, or to organize underground religious groups. It is forbidden to preach in class. If anyone violates and doesn't accept our advice, we will terminate the contract.
4. The contents of your work include lesson preparation, teaching, tutoring, extra-curricular activities and so on. 
5. You cannot reschedule classes or be absent from teaching without permission. If rescheduling is inevitable, obtain agreement from DFL or FAO directly. DFL will inform your classes of changes caused by vacation or other reasons.
6. The number of required classroom hours, generally speaking, should be16-18 per week
7. Foreign teachers are asked to follow the directions and management of the Educational Administrative personnel.
8. During working days (from Monday to Friday), foreign teachers are not permitted to travel by asking for leave.
Ⅲ.Public Holidays
Foreign teachers have the same right to enjoy Chinese legal holidays as This Military University staff.
Ⅳ.Medical Care
Medical care for foreign teachers will be provided by This Military University in accordance with China's medical system. This Military University has its own hospital where foreign teachers can receive free medical treatment, but the costs of food while in the hospital, registration fees, house calls, spectacles, dental treatment, massage, and non-medicinal nutritional products are to be paid by the patient.
Ⅴ.International Air Tickets
1. Party A provides Party B working for one year with international air fare, which is paid by one of the following ways according to Party B’s choice:
①Party A provides 8,000 RMB for Party B’s international air fare. Under this circumstance, Party B should not submit the copy of air tickets and related invoices to Party A.
②Party A reimburses direct ,economy roundtrip air tickets to and from China, the price of which should be confirmed by Party A beforehand. Under this circumstance, Party B should submit the copy of air tickets and related invoices to Party A.
2. Party A provides Party B working for less than one year with international air fare, which is paid by one of the following ways according to Party B’s choice:
①Party A provides 4,000 RMB for Party B’s international air fare. Under this circumstance, Party B should not submit the copy of air tickets and related invoices to Party A.
②Party A reimburses direct ,economy one way air ticket
from China, the price of which should be confirmed by Party A beforehand. Under this circumstance, Party B should submit the copy of air tickets and related invoices to Party A.
3. Party A will not provide Party B working for less than six months with international air fare
Ⅵ.Living,Accommodation and Meals
1. This Military University provides you housing free of charge complete with furniture, color TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, heater, washing machine, kitchen utensils, and necessary teaching equipment and books. Daily articles and other personal items should be purchased independently. Please take proper care of all provided equipments. If there is any malfunction of these equipments, please notify immediately FAO to have it repaired as soon as possible. If the malfunction occurs as the result of improper usage, you may be required to pay for repairs and other related compensation for damage. Do not throw away or exchange anything provided by This Military University with others or give them to others without permission. 
2. You may choose to cook in your apartment or eat in the staff members' dining hall where you can buy the meal card beforehand.
3. Prices for meals (only for reference): It is very convenient and cheap to eat at the staff members' dinning hall. The average cost is as follows: breakfast 3 Yuan RMB; lunch 6 Yuan RMB; supper 6 Yuan RMB.
4. The cooking gas in the gas tank in your flat will be provided in charge.
5. This Military University suggests that you do not house pets in your apartment such as dogs, cats and so on. If you insist on housing a pet, you must follow the procedures set by the Law of Animal’s Epidemic Prevention of the P.R.C. and you must ensure a healthy environment. You should bear all the responsibilities for the troubles arising from your pets.
6. When you have some suggestions or meet some troubles or difficulties in life, work or treatment, please consult and discuss directly with FAO or DFL without involving outside parties.
7. You must leave This Military University before the expiration of your residence permit otherwise you will live illegally. 
8. Without prior agreement, you are not allowed to engage in paid work. Once discovered, you will be punished according to the rules of China (including fines or deportation), and you will bear all responsibilities for such actions yourself. This Military University has no responsibility in such a case. This Military University will stop providing all employment benefits. If you are deported, you should leave This Military University within five days after notification of deportation, otherwise This Military University will charge for the residence at 200yuan RMB per day.
9. Please observe others’ work schedules and do not interfere with others’ rest. Do not broadcast music loudly or create excessive noise during the noon hour or after 10:00pm. 
    10. Since new residents maybe unfamiliar with living in Changsha city, you are encouraged to return home before 11:00pm. If you remain outside past 11:00pm, you should maintain safety and bear all responsibilities for your actions.
11. You should return the books and other teaching materials provided by This Military University before the expiration of your contract.
12. You will bear all the expenses for visas acquired for personal reasons.
13. Without permission, any interviews with newspapers, ratio stations, TV stations and any other mediums are forbidden. Otherwise, you will bear all responsibilities for your actions and statements.
1. In each flat of your residence is installed a program control telephone. local calls、 Long distance calls and overseas calls are all in service .
2. You can also have internet access in your flat.
3. This Military University will meet your local telephone and internet charges, but the maximum for This Military University is 50 Yuan RMB per month per person. Any amount exceeding this (50 Yuan), Long distance calls or overseas calls will be your own financial responsibility.
Ⅷ.Visitors, Overnight Absences and Travel
1. All visitors are asked to register at the guardhouse. This Military University staff and students are required to show their work certificates or student ID cards. Other visitors are required to show their ID cards issued by the Public Security Bureau. The guards have the right to decline those visitors without valid certificates. If your parents, spouses, or sons and daughters come to visit, permission must be granted beforehand for them to remain overnight. Other visitors are suggested to leave before 11pm and cannot remain overnight.
2. Please hand in applications beforehand if you plan to remain off campus overnight.
3. If your friends invite you to have an outing or visit a place, please keep FAO well informed for the sake of your safety.
4. Please hand in applications beforehand if you plan to travel during holidays or vacations. Please report to FAO your travel itinerary so that FAO can ascertain if those areas are open to foreigners.
5. If you stay outside overnight or leave the campus beyond a period of 24 hours, please notify FAO formally. You should maintain safety and bear all responsibilities for your actions. Please remember to close your doors and windows, turn off the electrical appliances, switch off the gas tank and carry your necessary certificates.
6. If your relatives or friends come to visit you for an extended period, please inform FAO in advance. Only your spouse or relatives are permitted to live in your apartment for an extended duration.
7. You are asked to bear all responsibilities resulting from troubles due to your visitors. This Military University is not responsible for theft or damage of your personal items, which may arise from your visitors.
1. This Military University sends a car to pick you up at the airport when you arrive to take your position. When you leave for your original point after the expiration of the contract, This Military University will send a car to drive you to the airport.
2. Travel to work: On campus 1 you may go to work by foot or by bicycle purchased by yourself. This Military University will provide shuttle bus for you when you go to work on campus 2, campus3 or campus 4.
3. Transportation will be provided by FAO to any activities it organizes for foreign teachers.
4. For private purpose, you may travel by taxi or public bus at your own expense.
If FAO organizes activities, such as spring outing, autumn outing, sports, recreational activities and banquets etc, FAO will inform you in time. Generally speaking, these activities are arranged during weekends or public holidays. If FAO's plan affects your private schedule, you are asked to set time aside for the plan and reset your timetable. An active participation will be greatly appreciated.
The above stipulated items (from I to X) are an inseparable part of the contract and have equal effect.
This contract is signed at                  , this day of
              , 20       , in the English language.
Party A                         Party B
(Signature)                      (Signature)

If you are interested, you could also send your resume,copies of degrees, passport and general photos to


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