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Job's Information

Basic Employer's Information
Employer's ID  JS662
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Type  Private  Training Center
City  Taizhou Jiangsu       
Job name   English Teachers
Statement  English training center
Qualification Certificate   Have
Basic Qualifications for Application
Gender  Both
Vacancy  5
 At least Diploma
Specialty  Unrequired
Work Experience
Nationality  Native English speaker,such as British, Canadian, American, Australian, New Zealander and European,etc.
Other Statements
Contract Terms
Salary   8000 - 12000 RMB/M
Time to teach
 6 or 10 month
Start Date  Nov.2014
Finish Date
Period/week  31-32 Period/W
Students' age  5 - 14 years old
Paid Holiday
None Month/Year
Apartment  Free apartment with the necessary facilities
International Airfare  Roundtrip Medical Allowance  RMB3000
Telephone Allowance   Travel Allowance  None RMB/Year
Other Allowance

Private Apartment    Private Bedroom TV Private Kitchen Air Conditioning/ Heating Private Bathroom   Washing Machine Electricity Refrigerator Gas
International Airfare:  Maximun  8000RMB for one year contract
Period/week  21--22 courses (45--50minute per class) + 10 office hours  per week

Sample Contract
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Contact Information
Contact Person  Angelina's ESL Cafe
 Foreign Affairs Office
Tel No.  +8610-51663658
Fax No.
Brief Introduction about Employer

       This Education which is invested with ten million RMB by Jiangsu This Investment CO.LTD was established in Taizhou in 2008.

       We provide a range of comprehensive English courses which are given by foreign teachers, various teaching methods and materials which include E-Blocks textbooks, E-Blocks software, songs, games etc.In total, we set six English levels for the people who are over 4 years old. Besides we also provide Oral English courses for the adults.We are making our best to create a happy learning environment for all the students. 

        Since our foundation in 2008, This has had over 130 student enrollments, and we are preparing to build a bilingual kindergarten in Taizhou. It is estimated that This kindergarten will officially start its education program on September of 2010.

        On October of 2009, cooperating with the China Central Television, we successfully held STAR OF OUTLOOK English talent competition which will start from January of 2010. 

       This has become a highly reputed brand in Taizhou English training field based on our innovative and inspirational instructions combining humorous, interactive teaching technique with traditional Chinese educational values.

        The road ahead will be even longer and harder, because our goals are even grander. But with a clear mission, dedicated hearts, it's certainly that our strength, wisdom, and energy will enable us to walk further on this road.



        Taizhou locates in the center of Jiangsu province, it was crowned as Phoenix City, and it has a long history of 2100 years. Taizhou occupies a total area of 5793 square kilometers.

       There are a number of scenic spots and historical sites in Taizhou. Ancient temple Guang Xiao temple with a long history is famous all over the world. Besides Guang Xiao temple, Shi Nai’an memorial park, former residence of Zhen Banqiao, Mei Lanfang Museum and other scenic spots are all precious cultural treasure of Taizhou.

        On October of 2006, “China Medical City”-the largest medicine research and production center in china, with a total area of 20 square kilometers was set up in Taizhou.

         Taizhou is the hometown of Chinese president Hu Jintao, and the Olympic torch was also passed through Taizhou in 2008.

 Foreign Teachers' Apartment





Full Time


This Teaching Center (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”) employs

                   (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) as a contractual employee. According to “The law of Labor of the P.R China” (here in after referred to at “Law of Labor”) and “Regulations of Labor Contract of China” (here in after referred to as “Regulations”) as well as other relevant laws and regulations, after discussion between Party A and Party B, both parties agreed to sign this contract voluntarily and equally. Both parties agreed to observe the terms set out in this contract.

Party A: This Teaching Center

Party B:

Contract duration   From:                    of 2011

To:                       of 2012


1. Party A’s Responsibilities

1). Party A should offer Party B necessary working equipment.

2). Party A shall introduce to Party B the laws, decrees and relevant regulations enacted by the Chinese government and regulations concerning the administration of foreign teachers.

3). Party A shall conduct direction, supervision and evaluation of Party B’s work.

4). Party A shall pay Party B the monthly salary on the 5th of every month, and if any unexpected accidents happen (i.e. the problems with the bank), Party A shall inform Party B in advance.

5). In the case that Employee fails to pass monthly or annual inspection or inspections during term of the contract, and that employee fails to agree or to change his/her position or pass the inspection even after Employee takes different position, the contract shall be terminated and economic compensations shall be made to Employee in accordance with relevant regulations.


2. Party B’s Responsibilities

1). Party B shall observe the laws, decrees and relevant regulations enacted by the Chinese government and shall not interfere in China’s internal affairs.

2). During the term of the contract, Part B shall not be employed by any third party without written consent of Party A. In the case that the foregoing is violated, Party A shall terminate this contract subject to actual violation. Party B shall be billed for the actual economic loss incurred by Party A, as penalty.

3). Teaching hours are no more than 85 hours per month. Party B will have no more than 30 office hours per month. Party B will have two days off per week (not consecutive days). Party B shall be available during days off for some emergencies, and when some teachers are ill, Party B shall offer the help when it is possible.

4)Party B should attend meeting training and any other activities as Party A requires.

5). Party A will help Party B to do the Visa, and the cost will be paid by Party B firstly. After the one-year contract, Party A will return the money that Party B used to do the visa during the past year. 


3. Salary and Overtime

  1).        RMB/month for   85 working hours and _30_ office hours per month. Working not more than 115 hours every month. Any service requested beyond the 85 hours/month will be paid at  80  RMB/hour.

2).The first month is the probation. The salary is 80% of         RMB. That is   

           RMB for probation.

3). Party B shall finish demo classes. Party A shall arrange and inform Party B of it at least one day ahead.


4. Living Arrangements

    Party A provides Party B with necessary working and living conditions. Party B will be responsible for utilities bills and other expenses (i.e. you damage some something in the apartment).


5. Medical Insurance; Sick Leave; Personal leave

1). After Party B signs the contract (from State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, P.R.China) with Party A, Party A shall pay for medical insurance for the duration of the contract.

2). For sick leave, a medical certificate or a note from a hospital or doctor should be presented to Party A within 24 hours. In this case, salary will be paid at 60% of the normal rate for the duration of the sick leave, up to a maximum of 10 days per year. Otherwise, if without a Doctor's Certicate, one day’s salary will be deducted for each missed day.

3). If Party B asks for the personal leave because of his own reasons, Party B should apply for it one week in advance, in that case Party B’s salary will be deducted the daily salary per day for every personal leave (one day) .If the school did not get the application one week in advance, then Party B’s salary will be deducted 2 times as much as the daily salary per day for every day of personal leave.

6. Vacation

 1) All the holidays will be the same as the Chinese teacher as Party A requires.

7. Airfare allowance

1) .For one-year contract, if Party B wants to fly back to their home country, then returns to This employment, Party A will provide 4000RMB or a round-trip ticket for re-commencement of employment.(ticket fees provision to a maximum of 8,000RMB). If Party B does not wish to re-commence employment with Part A, after the expiration of the 1 year contract Party A will re-reimburse Party B’s flight expense to China up to a maximum 4,000RMB.

2) .If Party B breaks the contract before it is finished, the allowance will not be given to Party B.

8. Breaking the contract

Party B is considered as breaking the contract and Party A is entitled to enforce monetary penalties under the following conditions:

1). Party B breaks either Article in this contract or does not make any improvement after the warning given by Party A.

2). Party B cannot restore to his normal work after a continuous leave of absence.

3). If Party B is convicted of any criminal offence.

4). If Party B is not qualified to the teaching position according to the evaluation by the students; or Party B doesn’t accept the training by Party A or Party B couldn’t make any improvement after the training or Party B behaves badly.

5).If Party B wants to stop working with Party A, Party B needs to inform Party A one month earlier.

9. Confidentiality                                                    

1). Party B shall not disclose information of salary or allowances to others without consent of Company.

2). During the term or after leaving Company, employees shall keep Company’s commercial materials and other business information confidential.

3). Upon termination of employment, employees shall promptly return all assets or relevant business materials, including materials, memorandums, notes, pictures, records, figures, plans or other documents related to Company enterprises and customers.


1).Have a good attitude towards work.

2).Keeping good reputation as foreign experts. (Never quarrelling, being drunk or getting in fight)

3). Teachers who are late for the class or leave the school early are subject to penalties. Party B shall take the responsibility of economic compensation for actual economic loss occurred.

4). Compliance with company rules and regulations


This contract will take effect on the date signed by both Party A and Party B and will automatically expire when the contract ends. If either of the two parties asks for a new contract, it should forward its request to another party 30 days prior to the expiration of the contract, and sign the new contract with mutual consent. Further, if Party B breaks the contract, Party A has right to terminate the contract. If Party B breaks the contract due to a serious criminal offense, or leaves the school for another teaching position without providing one months notice, Party A has the right to fine Party B 5000 RMB.

By signing below, Party A and Party B agree to all of the terms outlined in this contract.


Party A:                                    Party B:

Date:                                       Date:


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